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Under review

Dialectal variation in clitic placement in Andalusian and Asturian Spanish negative infinitival imperatives. Under review for The Syntactic Variation of Spanish Dialects. Gallego, A., L. Lopez, F. Ordonez, and F. Roca (eds.). (Double-blind; peer-reviewed). [http://www.academia.edu/4427529/Dialectal_variation_in_clitic_placement_in_Andalusian_and_Asturian_Spanish_negative_infinitival_imperatives_under_review_Sept._2013_]



On Inversion in Spanish, the Copy Theory of Movement, and Salvation in PF. In A LIFE IN LANGUAGE. Estudios Homenaje al Prof. Jose Luis Gonzalez Escribano. Garcia Velasco, D., S. Gonzalez y Fernandez-Corugedo, F. Martin Miguel, A. Ojea, and R. Perez Lorido (eds.). Oviedo: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Oviedo, 387-407  (Invited contribution). [.pdf]


On the Status of Preverbal Subjects in Spanish: Evidence for a Dedicated Subject Position. In NELS 42. (Pre-publication version) [.pdf]


A note on the virtually errorless L1 acquisition of clausal structure in Iberian Spanish. In The University of Connecticut Working Papers in Linguistics (UCONNWPL). Koulidobrova, E. et al. (eds.). Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. (Peer-reviewed).


On the Role of Children's Deterministic Learning in the 'No-Overt-Subject' Stage in the L1 Acquisition of Spanish.' In Proceedings of the 37th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. [.pdf]




Spanish subjects can be subjects: acquisitional and empirical evidence. To appear in Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics. (Double-blind,peer-reviewed). [http://revistas.ojs.es/index.php/iberia/issue/view/134/showToC]


Recomplementation and locality of movement in Spanish. Probus: An International Journal of Latin and Romance Linguistics 24(2): 257-314. (Double-blind;peer-reviwed). [http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/probus.2012.24.issue-2/probus-2012-0011/probus-2012-0011.xml?format=INT]


The Spanish Complementizer System: Consequences for the Syntax of Dislocations and Subjects, Locality of Movement, and Clausal Structure. Doctoral dissertation, University of Connecticut, Storrs (24 July 2012). [Please, contact the author; also available from ProQuest].


Characterizing Medial and Low Complementizers in Spanish: Recomplementation Que and 'Jussive/Optative' Que. To be published in Current Formal Aspects of Spanish Syntax and Semantics. Gonzalez-Rivera, M. and S. Sessarego (eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. (Double-blind; peer reviewed; pre-publication version). [.pdf]




Acquisitional Evidence Bearing on the Account of Preverbal and Postverbal Subjects in Spanish. In Selected Proceedings of the 13th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. Ortiz, L. (ed.). Somerville, Mass.: Cascadilla Press, 178-189 (Double-blind; peer-reviewed).





To Agree or Not to Agree: Beyond Quintessentially Syntactic Agreement in Spanish. In Romance Linguistics 2009: Selected papers from the 39th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL). Colina, S., A. Olarrea, and A. M. Carvalho (eds.). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 249-266. (Double-blind; peer-reviewed).



On the Acquisition of Overt Subjects, Topics and Wh-Questions in Spanish. In Language Acquisition and Development: Proceedings of GALA 2009. Castro, A., J. Costa, M. Lobo, and F. Pratas (eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (with William Snyder) [.pdf]


On the Analysis of Lexical Subjects in Caribbean and Mainland Spanish: Evidence from L1 Acquisition. In Proceedings of the 34th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 34). Franich, K., K. M. Iserman, and L. L. Keil. Somerville, Mass.: Cascadilla Press, pp. 433-444. (April) [with William Snyder and Jose Riqueros-Morante]. [.pdf]




Book: The Syntax of Spanish ques: Along the Left Edge. Under contract with John Benjamins.

Dialectal variation in Spanish syntax (Andalusian-Asturian Spanish).




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